10 Companies Changing the World with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already changing the landscape of the world as we know it. Our society, as of now, has tended to take a more timid or frightened approach to these growing technologies – approaching them with skepticism or fear. However, there are a number of tech startups and larger companies that are already using AI in ways that can dramatically improve life for so many of us, in so many ways.

Here, we want to highlight 10 companies from a variety of industries that are already doing fascinating work with AI.

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Top 10 Companies

When envisioning the world of the future, self-driving cars seem to be not only top of mind for many, but also one of the many spaces in which Artificial Intelligence is changing the game and making the seemingly impossible, possible. Aeye, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Luis Dussan, an aerospace engineer. In conjunction with experts from NASA and other prominent organizations, Aeye designed their patented 4Sight™ technology – an intelligent sensing platform for self-driving vehicles and trucks. Their vision expands beyond vehicles and into smarter infrastructure and better logistics for traffic systems, in order to create a “safer and smarter future” for everyone.

Blue River Technology seeks to use intelligent machinery and innovation to solve problems for customers in the agriculture industry. They focus on empowering farmers with more sustainable, long-term solutions, especially through using data to optimize chemical usage, automate time consuming processes, and help increase farm yields. Computer vision, machine learning, and robotics all merge with an admirable vision of revolutionizing the agriculture industry, making it better for the individuals within it, as well as focusing on sustainability that benefits all of the planet!

Judges, attorneys, the US judicial system – all can benefit from CaseText and their AI software. The company was founded in 2013 by attorneys that understood that legal research could be improved by machine learning and new technology. They have a number of products and tools available that cover rules and regulations across all 50 states, can help draft stronger arguments, search documents and expedite research, or even type in a legal argument to find the law one is seeking. All of that sounds not only impressive, but like the perfect sort of application for AI to improve upon a complex industry.

Founded in 2013 and based out of Delaware, Clarifai is a leader in the AI space, particularly when it comes to computer vision – using deep learning to analyze and understand image, video, text and audio data. The applications of this extend to many industries and can be accessed through a large number of tools. Object classification, detection, tracking, geolocation, visual search, and natural language processing are all available to the industries of aviation, retail, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and both the public and private sectors. Clarifai on a mission to bring AI to developers everywhere.

One area that we can see some of the most direct and beneficial applications of AI is in the field of healthcare. This is where Tempus seeks to make an impact. Their “data driven precision machine” is bringing data science and artificial intelligence into healthcare. Some of the applications of this include using technology to more quickly discover and diagnose health related problems, to predict the effectiveness of medical treatments, and to identify clinical trials that could be life-saving for patients. They want to help better diagnostics, treatments, and drug development, amongst many other important goals

Natural language processing can be tricky business to pursue in the realm of AI. Phrasee, founded in 2015, focuses on language generation for marketing copy. They seek to revolutionize the world of marketing with their Brand Language Optimization process – empowering individuals and organizations to find their own voice and increase engagement with their followers. Phrasee is already being used by a number of large companies to help them tailor copy to their customers and save time.

Founded in 2014, Freenome is another company seeking to use AI to help within the medical field – specifically, in early detection of cancer. Their process involves testing blood samples from routine screenings, after which they run results through artificial intelligence to detect early warning signs of the disease. Earlier detection leads to better and more accurate treatment for patients. All of this is part of their effort and vision to end the fight against cancer.

OpenAI is one of the biggest hitters when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Through them, one can gain access to their GPT-3 software, enabling all sorts of applications for AI that can be tailored to a company or individual’s needs. A number of large companies are using their interface to develop tools for themselves, including IBM, Salesforce, and Intel. Some examples of pre-built AI models that one can gain access to include AI: grammar correction, language translation, chatbots, analogy makers, and so on. One of their more creative and recent endeavors is DALLE-2, an idea that creates artwork from a text description. Their mission is to utilize AI to help all of humanity.

A key part of the Intelligence Revolution is DataRobot. They’ve developed an AI Cloud Platform that allows businesses to access data science and analytics without any of their own experience in AI or machine learning. DataRobot is being used by large companies around the world in a number of industries that include banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, sports, and more.

New on the scene, Resua is a company founded by Veterans with the goal of democratizing Artificial Intelligence so that AI is available to everyone. Our mission is to help both federal agencies, such as the Veterans Health Administration, as well as individuals and entrepreneurs to have access to incredible tools to improve their work and their lives. Our first product, Co-Author, will be hitting the market this year and will enable organizations and content creators of all kinds to be able to generate their own content faster with the help of fact-based, reliable artificial intelligence. The most exciting part? This is only the beginning


Who knew AI was already shaking things up in so many ways? We love the innovation and passion of so many of these companies to help everyone from farmers, lawyers, doctors, businesses, and individual people in making their lives more efficient, healthy, sustainable and exciting! This intelligence revolution is just getting started, and it’s amazing to have so many pioneers who are pushing for great tech, as well as keeping a human-centered focus at the forefront of the work they do

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